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What Does Worry Do For You?

              Alfred E. Neuman, a strange cartoon character some of us are old enough to remember, had the right idea.  He was onto something and was famous for his expression, “What, Me Worry?”.   Worrying is a useless exercise in spending energy.  It is needless wheel spinning.  I'm not talking about a concern you would naturally have if you have a new pain in your jaw or a normal question about how your friend in Indiana survived a tornado.  Obviously you would make phone calls or appointments for these situations.

              I am talking about a habit, almost a compulsion, to worry.  The kind of worrying that has you invent things to worry about even if nothing is immediately available!

  If you would describe yourself as a worrier, what do you mean?  Are you complaining about things to others?  Do you share your worries with people?   How much influence do you feel you may actually have on the outcome of what you are worrying about?

  Is there a chance that you can do something positive to improve the situation?   Do you do whatever you can and then continue to worry?  Have you noticed that even after you make your contribution, that whatever happens, happens?   Have you ever heard the expression, "Let Go and Let God"?  It's more than just a saying!  It works!

  How do you feel when you worry?   Optimistic, powerful, productive?  I doubt it.  More likely, when you think about it, you feel pessimistic, powerless and tired.  It takes energy to spend time in this way—mental energy that translates to physical energy.

  Maybe underneath the worry habit is an unconscious or conscious need to feel in control.  If that is true, then probably we can find more available and satisfying ways to experience some control, to feel that we do make a difference.

  Most of us want to be positive, powerful, productive in our lives.  So how do we live that way?  We look for actions, thoughts, practices, directions, that guide us away from negativity and in the direction of satisfaction and fulfillment.

              If you worry too much, you may be missing out on your life.  Don't worry, though; there are things you can do to shift your focus.  One idea is to set aside a special time of day for worrying about everything all at once.  That frees up energy for other things.  It may sound silly, but it helps get a handle on the extent of your worry habit.

        Other ideas for moving away from a worry mind-set:

1.  Find ways to express yourself.   Vote, run for office, write letters to the    editor, read biographies of inspiring people.

2.  Pursue an interest in something you enjoy.  Have fun with it.

3.  Read about something, learn a language, watch the travel channel.

4.  Find some way to volunteer your time to help others less capable.  Notice how you feel when making this contribution. 

Also, take time to learn and practice relaxation techniques.  Relaxation and self-hypnosis can be important for your health, your well-being and your life.    Here's why:

During relaxation, the heartbeat and blood pressure naturally go down, while circulation and digestion improve.  This is good!  And a very effective way to trigger the "relaxation response" is through the breath.  If you just sit quietly and take a few slow deep breaths, you will be notice a more peaceful and comfortable physical feeling.

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