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On "Lightening up in Life"

"Life is intended to be lived with a happy heart, a peaceful mind, and a playful spirit."  -Dr. Michael Ellner  


Is the word “apoplexy” something you have heard somewhere?  Although the word seems to have faded into obscurity, it's still fun to say out loud.   Apoplexy!  Sounds like an explosion and conjures up an image of veins popping out.  When I was little I remember overhearing comments like, "Calm down or you'll get apoplexy."  It apparently suggests stroke and other undesirable events, and more dramatically implies an uncontrollable fiery outburst which could lead to something worse.

My first and most amazing mentor, my mother, taught me something that has been extremely valuable thoughout my life.  This is one of my favorite life lessons and was inspired early in my childhood by a "melodrama du jour".  It was probably a time when I was agonizing over some boy, when she carefully pointed out that everything in life is temporary.  So the feeling of sadness or loss or whatever it was would pass.  From weather to emotional turmoil, just remembering this one thing can be a powerful attitude adjustment. 

In fact, the more I think about everything being temporary, the more profound a statement it is.  Loss through divorce or death, the flu, a terrible movie, a devastating storm, the shock of winning the lottery, even life itself—it's all temporary.  Maybe what we can do is practice making the most of the enjoyable moments in life and not be too attached to our misery.  It's a healthy perspective worth aspiring to, anyway.

Negative physical, mental and emotional side effects can result from being too serious about our personal soap operas, depending on how we respond to fear, anger, loss and other mind states.  Another mentor many years later used to say that, "Whatever is in your mind will show up in your body."   That one fact makes it worthwhile to pay attention to our thoughts, with the intention of changing them if they are less than optimistic and positive.  One instant reality check is to remind ourselves that everything is in Divine Order, even when it doesn't seem like it.

For those of us not as enlightened as my mentors, it takes years to make discoveries like these, the knowing of which can simply make life easier.  So as we grow in wisdom, it's still likely that physical corrections, mental adjustments and spiritual growth would be helpful.  Something I did for myself at 50 years old was start a process of clean-up and clean-out I called a life tune-up.  (Just as with my car, I prefer preventive maintenance to the complex corrections necessary after something breaks down!)

From chelation to hypnotherapy, learning about and trying alternative treatments began a whole new experience of life for me.  The world of complementary medicine is rich with enjoyable experiences and ways to put us back on track. The adventure itself is another type of attitude adjustment.

My mother, even into her twilight years, lived the philosophy of love that she always embodied.  Even as her body wore out, she still believed that love conquers all, and she loved and was loved wherever she went.  And she never got apoplexy. 


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