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Messing with Your Mind or Changing Your Mind?   

Probably the most popular erroneous notion about hypnosis is that it involves “messing with my mind”.  Unfortunately, this keeps many people with legitimate concerns from seeking help through hypnosis.  If messing with people’s minds was my job, I’d quit in a minute.  Fortunately, however, hypnosis does not work that way—except in movies. 

Actually, the mind’s role in hypnotherapy is to become more useful to the person seeking to make changes and reach goals.  You have probably heard statistics about how little of our minds we use, somewhere between 3% and 10%, depending on the source.  The hypnotherapy process helps to train more of the mind to be available and productive. 

A part of our mind, the sub-conscious, is considered our “organic computer”.   This is the part of us that “runs” constantly, even while we sleep. Like a real computer, it stores information, memories, habits, emotions and lots more in its memory banks.  It also has the incredible job of keeping our complicated bodies functioning 24/7. 

Even though we have tons of mental stuff in sub-conscious storage, the conscious mind isn’t aware of much of the contents.  This is a good thing!  We don’t need conscious clutter, yet if we need to access stored information, it is possible using hypnosis. 

For example, if someone has an irrational fear, it could be helpful to locate its original cause.  Many times the fear can disappear because of our understanding of its origins.  Sometimes a fear has just become a habit, which can be eliminated during the course of working together.

So, actually, hypnosis is about changing your mind about something that is not working for you.  You have the right to change your mind, for example, about smoking, or about eating for the wrong reason, or about biting your fingernails.  When you realize something about your life is not working, you have the right to change your mind and one effective way to do that is with hypnosis.

Perhaps the most important point is that no person has the right to mess with any other person’s mind.  Our minds are sacred territory and need to be honored and respected as the God-given gifts that they are.  And God is happy with us when we change our minds as part of the process of improving ourselves.

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