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Laughter and Good Health

Good health is a laughing matter."  - Patch Adams, M.D.

Have you ever thought seriously about what makes you laugh?  How do you feel when you are laughing?   Have you ever noticed how relaxed you feel following a good laugh?   Did you know that anxiety and muscle relaxation cannot occur at the same time?  I find that bit of information quite amazing and exciting!

Patch Adams, M.D., has built his entire medical practice on the value of humor, joy and laughter.   He believes medicine has become too impersonal and too technology-oriented.  So he lives his work the same way he lives life, irreverently silly and seriously funny!  This creative and dedicated approach takes courage!

One proven benefit of choosing laughter is the improvement of health that results.  Research has shown that our bodies respond positively to laughter, and that measurements of various physical and mental functions before and after laughing show positive change.  Among other changes, relaxation increases and blood pressure readings improve.

With himself as a guinea pig, Norman Cousins deliberately used laughter to heal himself from a chronic disease.  He found and watched hilarious movies and later documented this experiment in his book, Anatomy of an Illness. This is his account of laughing himself back to health!

What about soul satisfaction, that indescribable experience of deep validation that accompanies a good laugh?  Do you remember the last time you felt it?

 I think a rewarding personal project is to investigate what it is we ourselves find funny and then seek to create more of it.  Humor is a funny topic, with many varieties ranging from slapstick to satire and everything in between. It's worth the research!

Some folks I am privileged to call friends are just funny without even trying, and I love to be in their presence.  If you are someone with a natural gift for being silly, I hope you enjoy it and embrace it.  What is available in the space of sharing laughter is an incomparable feeling of peaceful inclusion.

If you are a book lover, look for Gesundheit!, by Patch Adams, M.D. Maybe you will be inspired, as I have, to lighten up in life, to laugh more, to relax, to bask in our relationships.

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