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                                   An Alternative Possibility for Irritable Bowel Syndrome                                                                 

As you may have noticed, stress (and its related issues) is one of my favorite topics.  Since we understand that it is just part of life and proves we are still breathing, our best strategy is to discover our own best methods to manage it, reduce distress, and enjoy, even delight in, the positive stresses.

Much of my work relates to training clients in changing the results of stress as well as its causes.  As it is now understood, body, mind and spirit are not separate from each other.  Therefore, our bodies, as well as our minds, are affected by the various stressors we encounter.  So, whatever is in our mind will end up in our body.  If a loved one is slowly dying from a terminal illness, we could find ourselves having unusual physical symptoms that disappear later as we come to terms with the death.   Possibly you remember getting sick because you didn't want to take a test at school.

Sometimes diseases with labels are acknowledged as stress-related or caused.   Although it may seem surprising, studies have shown that hypnotherapy is useful in helping people who suffer with irritable bowel syndrome.  You can even find information on the internet about the many studies on this topic at sites like PubMed and webMD.  I found no less than 46 articles at PubMed about hypnotherapy and IBS.

 Statements like these are typical:  "There is no easy medical treatment of IBS. However, in recent years, hypnotherapy has been shown to be successful in the treatment of IBS."

"CONCLUSIONS: This study clearly demonstrates that hypnotherapy remains an extremely effective treatment for irritable bowel syndrome and should prove more cost-effective as new, more expensive drugs come on to the marketů"

This is but one example of how we can continue to educate ourselves about alternatives for treating annoying, often uncomfortable physical conditions.  Although we may not always recognize a direct connection between a bodily problem and a particular stressor, we can learn how to change our reactions to both avoidable and unavoidable stress.

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