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How Does Sound Affect You?

             Our moods and feelings are sometimes mysterious to us.  If you have wondered why you can unexpectedly feel upset or angry, it’s good to investigate.  Even though there are many possibilities, a potential source of disharmony is our personal environment.   Influences, not always desirable, from sources outside of ourselves get into our energy field below the level of our awareness.

Sounds and noises in the environment, for example, have become gradually louder, and noise pollution, as it is called, gets integrated into our internal world.  Although we are (fortunately) adaptable creatures, I suspect that this one factor creates more problems for us because of the cumulative element.  Potential stresses accumulate for us, and even though we are often unaware of them, they still continue to accumulate. 

You know what happens in the worst case scenario. Someone goes berserk or initiates a “situation.”  Most of the time, it is not that dramatic, but in the average person’s life, the result of constant unabated stress negatively affects health and attitude and ultimately, quality of life. In other words, additional noise by itself might not really be a problem, but added to everything else we must deal with, may become the last straw.

          The question becomes, then, is it worth making an effort to examine noise pollution in your own life?  If so, the challenge is to determine what, exactly, is potentially controllable.  Obviously lots of today’s noise is unavoidable, like traffic, lawnmowers, garbage collectors and politicians.  Then, there is radio and television.  Loud talking radio talk show hosts and obnoxious TV commercials, upon being muted, will instantly improve your personal environment.   The point is to discover what disrupts your own inner peace and initiate changes wherever possible to soften or eliminate it.

Also did you know that certain kinds of music can bring out anger and rage?   So-called “music” that attacks and insults people affects listeners in a negative way, perhaps similar to how habitual soap opera watching can create an unconscious belief that these shows represent real life.  Some music has been proven to have beneficial effects, like the Mozart Effect on intelligence.  If you have found certain music soothing to your soul, it would be health-enhancing to put more of it into your life.

Putting up with unpleasantness creates internal stress.  Being unaware of the sources of our stress or doing nothing about what we already know is a problem can both weigh us down.  So I encourage us to wake up to our surroundings and take the initiative to change what we can, when we can, to improve our mental and emotional environment.

          This is how we may avoid going berserk, going to the ER or sending someone else to the ER. 

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